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Thousands of wooden boxes for a surprise hit from Dragon's Den. Mass production of birthing stools for midwives across North America. Trail markers for long stretches of woodland hiking trails. Custom manufacturing of large lots of audio speaker components, each piece designed with purpose, with a constant eye on quality, consistency and budget.

CNC Studio's fully equipped manufacturing facility and expertly trained team ensure that your custom manufacturing and mass production orders ship on time, every time. In 18 years of packaging and shipping orders of all sizes across North America, we've proven our commitment to ensuring your product arrives in superb condition.

These hour-glass posts were produced using 3d machining.
These hour-glass posts were produced using 3d machining.

Visiting the CNC Studio shop and meeting the team was eye-opening. The level of professionalism and expertise coming out of this shop is incredible. I had no idea so many possibilities existed for customizing and personalizing everything from furniture to product packaging with CNC.

~ Miranda Miller

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