Custom Carvings & Inlays

Carved elements can bring life and richness to interior spaces, and a timeless warmth that isn't achieved by other means. Tables, trim, doors, staircases, newel posts - there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate art into the functional aspects of a space. We are open to working to achieve your unique vision!

Commercial Signage

Commercial Signage is constructed out of a variety of different materials and is often installed outdoors, where the sun, rain and temperature are important considerations. Illumination is one of the main challenges with this type of work, and signs can be internally lit, with glowing, projecting letters, or Halo lit, with a glow around the letters and other elements. Raised letters, carved or stacked elements, and incised lettering are other ways to enhance the dimension and presence of these signs.

House Signage

House signs are an expression of the home or cottage owner's pride. Often these signs are carved, sporting 3d emblems or even gold or copper gilding.

Architectural Work & Contractor Projects

We offer architects and builders a reliable, scalable solution for elements to be installed in buildings.