Our Team

We come from a broad range of backgrounds - engineering, woodworking, manufacturing, artistic design - and we're accustomed to working through unique solutions. We are able to create our work well and on-time with such a great team and well-equipped shop!

Grant Nicholson - Designer/CNC Machinist

Over the past 25 years Grant has explored the design arts through a broad array of disciplines.

Since receiving a Visual Arts diploma in 1992, graphics employment has lead him into large companies such as Transcontinental Printing and Quebecor Printing, as well as a variety of smaller companies.

A privileged 9 years were dedicated to working for local government, designing and managing a creative team of sign and exhibit makers, as well as production of tourism maps and  publications.

In 2006 Nicholson designed and began construction of an alternative home. The desire to see his work manifest physically became overwhelming, and led to his current machining escapades.

The move into 3 dimensions, combining CNC technology and traditional skills has opened possibilities he had only imagined. It is possible to work with the symbolism of antiquity with an ease previously unknown.

Whether the job is simple or complex, it is Grant's great pleasure to serve clients with all of the accuracy, power and creativity that resides in our shop.

Bob Nadon

Bob Nadon - Owner/Manager

Bob started Upper Canada Stretchers Inc.(UCS) in 2001 after many years of work in construction, custom sawmilling, furniture design and the wood products manufacturing sector. His first career as a professional engineer and his penchant for inventing new products led to the creation of a series of new stretcher frame products all based on century-old keyable stretcher designs. Under his guidance, UCS has developed a specialty in very large stretchers designs and special unusual-shaped custom frame fabrications. A more recent development is the application of CNC technology to the manufacture of a wide variety of fine art, dimensional signs and architectural component designs.

Bob Nadon is on the board of directors for the Bluewater Wood Alliance, a not-for-profit manufacturing cooperative "cluster" serving over 110 wood businesses in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The BWA offers Bob and his staff the networking opportunities to improve all aspects of business from sales through production to customer and employee satisfaction.

At UCS Inc. Bob takes great pleasure in managing a dedicated team of workers. Each person in the company has unique interests and talents and, as owner of the company, Bob Nadon enjoys the task of finding ways of challenging his staff with new responsibilities to help develop their skills and deepen their knowledge in areas that interest them.

UCS primarily uses internet technology to develop personal connections with all customers and suppliers. He says that he sees success and “the bottom line” ultimately as the quality of the relationships among staff, customers, and suppliers.

The team at Upper Canada Studio applies the philosophy of LEAN Manufacturing which enables us to provide products of exceptional quality efficiently.